Who and why?


What and how?


I am Roberto M. Cananzi (a.k.a. The BaK) and I started working in the IT sector from a very young age both in hardware assistance and in software development, starting with the development of management for companies and reaching the publication of apps and video games for the web and mobile devices.

Red Rose is a project that was born in 2003 and represents for me the opportunity to share my experience and help people as well as small and medium-sized enterprises to realize and improve their way of communicating and working through the enormous possibilities of the web.

My vision of technology and software has dedicated itself particularly to the free and ethical alternatives of the IT world, allowing me to offer those who turn to me choices that optimize costs and resources in a congenial manner.

I am the author of the website where, since 2010, I publish information about my passions and my work. To date the site reaches thousands of people every week which makes it a leading blog in its sector.

I have achieved study awards in the fields of web design, graphic design and mobile marketing, as well as in the field of Story Telling and Story Telling for kids.

Over the years I have also dealt with the organization of artistic, recreational and cultural events that saw the participation of a large number of people. Experiences that allowed me to collaborate in large working groups and to work in contact with the public.

I offer my consultancy in the field of programming, web marketing, creation and management of IT systems for small-medium enterprises.

The company is headquartered in Reggio Calabria, but the willingness to collaborate and move in any context with new customers is understood.



The production of a website depends on the message and any services we want to offer visitors.

For convenience we can think of three definitions:

Showcase: A static page with the basic information we want to publish online. Introduce yourself to the visitor of the site, describe the services or the profotto that is offered, publish contacts, timetables or indications on how to reach you. A universal business card that does not need to be updated.

Dynamic: in addition to the presentation features of the static site, it can be updated in content, even independently. It can be useful to maintain contact with the customer or attract new customers by publishing promotions and offers.

Advanced: it is the site that joins special sections developed for the user. It can contain an e-commerce to sell its products directly online or manage customers through virtual "tickets".

The work of the company can include all the production of the website from the registration of the domain to the creation of services such as email accounts and technical assistance.

It is also possible to include a contract for the editing of the site that will allow you to always offer new content, continuing to attract more curiosity and therefore more customers on your new site.


The video game has long since left the simple dimension of entertainment for teenagers alone and has become the most complete form of telling a story.

Being able to make your message interactive means offering greater involvement, longevity and a deep empathy to what we have to communicate.

What Red Rose has focused on in recent years is the concept of Story Telling linked to the video game, so telling a story making it appealing and interactive for a wider audience.

Through the video game we can carry out projects for playful but also educational and professional purposes. For example, to train a company's staff through an interactive path or to present an initiative through a video game that presents the salient features and tells the project.

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Tel: +39 331 593 5612